Writing A Good Term Paper About Total Quality Management In 5 Steps

Writing a term paper can be a daunting task, or it can be a learning experience that flows smoothly from step to step. Regardless of the topic, there are some basic fundamentals for writing any paper. You can follow the traditional steps that can take you from choosing a topic to a completed paper, or you can jump in blindly and hope for the best.

We really recommend the former as the better option.

Let’s take a look at the process. Let’s pretend we are charged with the job of writing a term paper on Total Quality Management (TQM). Where do we start?

Writing a Good Term Paper

The basic steps to writing a good paper, regardless of topic, are fairly static. To write our pretend paper on Total Quality Management (TQM), here’s the steps we recommend:

  1. Research. Normally, our first step would be to select a subject. But in our pretend scenario, we’ve done that already. What we need to do first is research that topic. We need to find out all we can about it, from a definition of what “quality” actually is to how we go about managing it. We’ll need to take copious notes as we research and keep a bibliography of our sources.

  2. Outline our information. Once we have all the information we need to thoroughly cover our term paper’s topic, we need to pull it all together into a coherent essay that supports our main topic. We’ll use our research notes to keep us on track and ensure accuracy in our statements and conclusions.

  3. Write a first draft. Using our outline as our guide and our notes on TQM from our research, we’re now ready to write a first draft of our paper. Don’t worry about format and revisions at this point. Grammar, spelling and sentence structure don’t matter so much right now. This is your rough draft. You can go back and revise later. Now is simply the time to get all the information into a cohesive whole, a comprehensive paper on Total Quality Management.

  4. Revisions and rewrites. Once we’ve got it all on paper, we’re ready to beat it into term paper shape. Now is the time we go back through our rough draft and make sure we have proper format. Check the grammar and sentence structure of every paragraph, every sentence. Look at the spelling of every word: are they all spelled correctly? Polish it up until it shines!

  5. Final copy with bibliography. We’re ready to print out our final copy and attach our bibliography. Turn it in and wait for our excellent grade to come back!

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