Basic Requirements For Writing A Term Paper In The APA Style

Most students find it formidable to write an APA style term paper that will fetch them merit. The key to writing a winning APA term paper is empirical research. Nothing pays off more than putting time and effort into creating a well researched content that will make your study stand out.

The following guidelines have been etched out specifically for students to write flawless studies in APA style term paper:

  1. Make space for the margin
  2. Although it sounds trivial, APA studies feature a standard one inch margin space on all sides – top, bottom, left and right. Formerly, it used to be one and half inch until recently it was reduced to one inch. These guidelines have been specifically etched out for those who want to write studies in APA style flawlessly.

  3. Use the right font style and size
  4. Using the right font style and size will make your APA term paper look standard and professional the standard font specification for APA studies is Times New Roman font in 12-pt size.

  5. Line Spacing of sentences
  6. Every part of the document, including footnotes, appendices, figures and tables should be double spaced. Punctuation mark like commas, semicolons and colons within sentences should be followed by one space whereas punctuation marks that mark the end of a sentence should end with double spacing. Further, all APA term paper has an even right margin. This is created by following a left hand alignment.

  7. Grammar and writing form
  8. Traditionally all APA term paper has been written and will also be required to be written in the impersonal form. Hence, care should be taken to refrain from using pronouns like “I”, “we”, “you”, etc. in the study. Also the sentences should be written in active voice and not in passive voice. You can user certain online tools to make your write up 100% percent error free and unique.

  9. Order of pages
  10. The order of a standard APA study will begin with Title page and end with figures. The COMPLETE specified order of an APA page is Title Page ?Abstract Body References Appendices Footnotes Tables Figures. The study must begin with the title page and each page should bear page numbers should appear one inch from the right corner on the first line of every page.

The above briefed guidelines are standard guidelines. However, it is advised to consult with the instructor prior hand to know of any recent changes in the form and structure.

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