How To Come Up With Winning Research Paper Topics About Technology: Useful Hints

Nearly everything we use nowadays requires sophisticated electronics and programming that the majority of us have no idea how to comprehend much less manipulate. This is a far cry from the situation our ancestors found themselves in where almost every able bodied man (or even woman) could make the most sophisticated tools available with bare hands.

When we start analyzing the place that technology holds in our lives we need to consider the following before we decide what angle we should take:


Some topics can take years to research and every step of the process would cost a great deal of money. In such cases the university or the scholar would need to be very wealthy. Even the opportunity cost of the time spent in research would need to be considered carefully.


This is a field that is in a constant state of change. What was new two years ago is ancient now so to write a paper that has any relevance, you must be sure about what is the most recent advance. Even so, prepare for your writing to be obsolete in a year’s time or less. It may not last longer than it takes to write it.

Your institution

Every school has its own particular focus. If you know you belong to a college with a keen focus on robotics or coding, keep that in mind.

Try the following topics:

  1. Has there been a net positive or negative to humanity from the introduction of smart tech?
  2. Should scientist actively pursue the creation of more lifelike artificial intelligence?
  3. Is it possible to balance the desire for privacy with the need to protect society?
  4. Is the desire for constant connectivity a form of addiction?
  5. Imitating the brain: How smarter technology comes closer and closer to the neural network
  6. Should drone usage be more restricted?
  7. Have new updates to software become less and less intuitive with the passage of time?
  8. Should smart tech be banned from elementary schools?
  9. How has social media influenced the concept of romance?
  10. Our legacy: How our social media profiles will represent us to future generations

It may seem like we have long since passed the point at which we could stop depending on our modern gadgets. Even with this knowledge we should encourage responsible use of any device that we come into contact with or risk dire consequences in the future.

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