The Top 25 Potential Topics For A Research Paper On The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner novel by Khaled Hosseini has become extremely popular as a basis for academic surveys. It’s quite natural because this book provides a rich material for study to many disciplines, including literature, sociology, politics, history of religions and more. It touches upon many controversial and sensitive subjects, which imply vivid discussion. Though many students have already employed it for their investigations, this fact only provides you with additional data on the issue and makes it easier to get inspiration for determining your own exclusive research paper topic.

25 Interesting Ideas for Your Research Paper Topic

Remember to choose the topic for your work depending on the course you are taking and the main requirements of your task.

  1. Symbolism of the novel.
  2. Compare and contrast character’s analysis.
  3. Three main motives of the book.
  4. Father and son relationship.
  5. Two brothers.
  6. A concept of American dream in the novel.
  7. Ethnical problems.
  8. Influence of a loss on the personality.
  9. Archetype of a father in the novel.
  10. Role of religion.
  11. How circumstances can build a character.
  12. Political issues raised by the author and their importance.
  13. Value of homeland.
  14. Depiction of women in the Kite Runner.
  15. Theme of forgiveness.
  16. Immigrant experience.
  17. Symbol of a kite and its meaning.
  18. A concept of time in the novel.
  19. Tension of social classes restrictions.
  20. Problems of violence raised in the book.
  21. How courage is portrayed in the Kite Runner.
  22. Betrayal.
  23. Redemption.
  24. Power.
  25. Irony.

Main Kinds of Term Paper Based on This Novel

As mentioned above, the Kite Runner can inspire various kinds of studies, but here are the most popular and effective among them:

  • Literary research.
  • Such type of paper can investigate author’s contribution both to his native and worldwide literary field.

  • Essay based on the novel.
  • Many essay structures can be applicable for this issue, but the smartest choices will be argumentative (persuasive), cause and effect essay, and compare and contrast essay.

  • Survey on religious traditions.
  • It this case, the investigation must be focused on the most important features and actual problems of Islamic tradition, specifically in Afghanistan, its conflicts, development, and influence.

  • Survey on topical social issues.
  • Among those mentioned in the Kite Runner, there is a plenty of them to choose from: ethnical differences, problems of immigrants’ adaptation, violence against children, political propaganda, tension of social inequality etc.

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