How To Create A Research Paper Title Page In The MLA Format

When you are creating the structure for your research paper, the title page is on of the first parts which you are likely to outline in the first place. In this regard, the MLA format is one of the most extended options which is used in this kind or academic documents. This outline provides a concise title page that presents the important information about your paper in a straightforward fashion. It is simple and effective. This is why the MLA format is so popular among most undergraduate students.

Make the basic outline

The main premise is to create a title which is large enough to stand out from the rest of the text. The title will be placed at the top of the page centred. Next, you will write a subheading if it's necessary in a smaller size just below. What you need to include in this page is your full name, the name of your research project and your advisor's name, as well. Other information which is relevant may also be included in the MLA format title pages, such as the deadline and course you belong to.

Profit from the MLA format advantages

As you can see, you will not need much text in the title page. This is an advantage, as the formatting becomes much easier when you lack text volume. Depending on the word processing software tool you are using, you may create a template for your MLA title page in order to save time in future editions. What's more, once you create a template, you are able to re-use it in other research papers.

You will only need to modify a few lines of text in order to adapt the title page to another paper. This is one of the most remarkable advantages of using the MLA format. In addition, if you are familiar to any programming language, you will be able to write some commands which will make the edition last a few seconds. You could also invoke a certain title page by using a command as long as you have the document already saved in your computer.

Must-have data

Finally, a word on what not to miss in the title page. Obviously, your full name and the project's title are mandatory in this first page. In addition, you should not miss your advisor's name in the title page. Other references depend on your personal approach, such the date you present the project. Some people prefer to include the date they last edited the document in the title page by default.

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