Creating An Eye-Catching Research Paper Title On Cloning: Basic Advice

The use of genetic material from an existing creature to create an identical one or clone is a fairly recent development in the scientific community. Naturally it has led to some confusion over what should or should not be allowed. This makes it a great concept to consider when looking for research paper ideas. Consider the following before brainstorming titles:

  • Do some general research on reproduction
  • Twins are almost clones of each other and that is a phenomena that takes place naturally on a daily basis. There are also animals that do not reproduce sexually in the conventional sense. Each new member of the species is an exact replica of the mother that birthed her. The plant world is full of specimens that have been grafted from an older existing plant which is in its own way quite similar to being cloned.

  • Look for more detailed information on cloning
  • Having gotten your information about reproduction you can start to return to the original concept. Gather information about scientists who have produced clones and how they managed to do it. Some of them had hundreds of failed experiments before experiencing any kind of success.

  • Gather your ideas for a brainstorming session
  • With those previously stated steps in mind you should have enough inspiration to work on a brainstorming session. You can invite a few others to work with you if you want even more diversity of ideas. They may have such different perspectives that you come up with something together that would have never occurred to you alone.

By the end of this process you could have come up with quite a few prospect. They might look a bit like these:

  1. Can cloned sexual organs lead to more complete sex change surgeries
  2. Should vital organs be cloned to dissipate the donor backlog?
  3. How can a non traditionally reproduced workforce be protected from discrimination?
  4. How viable is the manufacture of pet clones as an industry?
  5. What are the theological implications of cloned individuals who adhere to any particular religion?
  6. Is humanity more at risk from artificial intelligence or human clones?
  7. Is cloned meat safer than that which has been traditionally bred?
  8. Is the act of cloning defiance of the will of God?
  9. Should parents be encouraged to clone their children who die suddenly?
  10. Is it moral to clone new bodies for downloading of aged person’s memories?

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