Composing A Proper Academic Research Paper Literature Review

Reviewing academic research paper is the method of developing an academic article which is prepared by college students and it is based on their curriculum. It can also be defined as the final product of the research conducted by a student where the documentation of analysis and case study is implemented.

Literature review

Literature reviews provide a detailed analysis and discussion about published information, book or an article. It summarizes the topic dealt within the published content and portrays criticisms and synthesis. Preparing an academic write-up needs more preparation than constructing a simple essay. Lots of research has to be done on the work and you need to collect references related to the published article. It requires unique skill sets to present an overview of a published article or a book without omitting its important points.

This must include the following points:

  • Plan your writing in an organized manner and explain about the thesis statement or main topic which you are assigned.
  • Organize your research results into a summary which deals with interpretation of what is known and unknown.
  • Identify and include various areas of controversies featured in the work.
  • Identify and formulate questions based on the facts which need further analysis.

How to compose a proper academic research paper literature review

Preparing this requires more attention than writing a term paper. Here are some tips which will help you to develop an effective write-up:

  • Deciding on the topic: As far as term papers are concerned, students will be assigned with specific topics to research and to present their ideas.

  • Familiarizing the topic: get yourself familiarized with the topic assigned to you. Collect information regarding the work through libraries and online sources. Identifying the databases in the field of your study makes your work easier.

  • Analyzing the work: detailed analysis is essential to build your term paper effectively. After analyzing the work, group the articles into different categories, organize them, take the important points out of them and then you can start developing your term paper.

  • Identify the various trends dealt within the literature, various relationships with other fields, emphasized points etc and describe them in detail.

  • Summarize the work: presenting an overview of the work is important and it can be done by using tables or concept maps. Add your analysis techniques and methodologies and your conclusions with validated proofs.

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