The Main Research Paper Citation Methods: A Guide Or College Students

During high school, you will be required to write many papers on different themes. You have to find a good topic, to make research, to gather important information and to put it on a suitable structure. Of course, your classmates are also doing the same thing, and sometimes you will get inspiration from each other. If one of your professor catches you copying, with or without intention, all your work will be compromised. To prevent any unpleasant surprise you have to use citation methods every time you take a sentence from another text. Here is how to use citations for different writing styles:

  • Introduce the details in the text. The APA style is the most common and simple style used by students. This means that most of your compositions will have to follow APA requirements. In this case, you will have to mention the name of the author every time you use a citation. If the year of the publication is known, you also have to mention it as well as any other author who worked on that book.

  • The MLA format. This style is suitable if you have to make a literary analysis or something similar. It does not have strict requirements so you will not have to work more than usual. Very frequently you will have to use citations when you us this format, so you have to mention every detail right after the quote. If there are too many details to be written (for example the text has many authors) you can write them at the end of your composition, on a citations page.

  • Chicago style. This is what you will have to use if you have to write an essay about social or natural sciences. It is usually used in books or large documents, because it allows you to organize the information properly. Besides, it is extremely permissible so you do not risk to mess up everything because you forgot a simple aspect. In Chicago style you can use footnotes to emphasize citations. For example, you want to use a quote from a book. You will simply introduce the quote in the text and put a number next to it. At the bottom of the page, you will write the number that corresponds to the quote and you will mention the author and the year of publication.

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