4 Components Of A Great Research Paper On Social Media And Politics

Coming up with a brilliant research paper about social media and politics isn’t a no sweat task. In truth, there are no easy means to be taken since you will need to select a topic, administer an extensive research, figure out the right approach to use, outline and organize thoughts, construct arguments and form interpretations, indicate the references you’ve used, construct the initial draft and lastly you will also need to apply the required revisions.

Fortunately, there is no need to feel jittery and distressed with your writing task about Social Media and Politics. The good thing is that with a clear, good and deeper understanding of the elements of an outstanding dissertation, the process can become simpler and a lot easier.

Here are the components of an excellent writing piece on Social Media and Politics:

  • The title page, table of contents and introduction.
  • Of course, it is important to line up the actual title of the composition which must be written on the center. Meanwhile, the table of contents contains the page numbers for each section. Your introduction must provide the situational analysis as well as the context of your subject matter at hand. This is the section where the thesis and the research question are clearly stated. Not to mention, it is fundamental to expound why the topic was selected and the justification or relevance why you undertake the analysis on the topic.

  • The method used
  • Methodology asserts and expounds the process by which information, outcomes and evidence are gathered, arranged and analyzed. It is significant to ensure that the literature you used is updated and valid.

  • The outcomes and discussion
  • Take into consideration that when it comes to outcomes and discussion, it is substantial that the writer rationally follows through from the approaches and outcomes, with a continuous transition to reporting, interpreting, discussing and supporting the findings. Keep in mind that it is noteworthy to write in a manner that grabs and sustains the readers’ attention. Essentially, this can be done through numerous methods such as graphs, examples, tables, words of emphasis, quotations, additional supporting proofs as well as illustrations. Don’t forget to cite the sources you’ve used in the references section.

  • Conclusion
  • This part sums up the outcomes as well as the major findings. Please be reminded that it is not advisable to include in this section anything which has not been tackled in the findings and discussion section. Always include only what is relevant and what was clearly stated in your paper.

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