Composing A Research Paper About Evolution: Great Suggestions

With a topic as broad as evolution, there are so many different directions you can go in for a research paper. One thing to keep in mind is that for this kind of paper you shouldn’t be presenting your opinion or arguing a point of view, you should be learning about a topic and synthesizing information from many different sources together. So, in the case of evolution, which is considered a controversial topic by some, try to stay away from opinion, and focus on fact.

Use these great suggestions on composing a research paper on evolution:

  • Write about the history of the theory of evolution
  • One of the most fascinating things about evolution is how it came to be understood by the scientific community and the public at large. One interesting approach for a paper is to trace this history generally, or to highlight a certain aspect of it, like the role of a particular person. When taking this approach, try to bring together different and diverse sources so that your reader will be able to understand the subject in a different way than they would reading any other source. For instance, you could compile books about the history and primary sources such as journals or letters from those involved.

  • Write about the mechanics of evolution
  • Another avenue for writing about evolution is to research the mechanics of it. In order for evolution to take place, there are a number of other simple and complex processes such as mutations and survival of the fittest that work either within individuals or populations. Your paper could either provide a full overview of these mechanics, or it could focus on one or several. With this approach it is important that you don’t just summarize your textbook or that your paper doesn’t just read like a textbook. Ask yourself, is there a certain aspect that you could highlight and center your paper around? As an example, you could write about how critical protein is to evolution.

  • Write about the controversy of teaching evolution in schools
  • In modern times the controversy around teaching evolution in schools is the first thing many people think of with the topic. This presents an interesting perspective on the topic that would make for a great research paper. You could present a history of the controversy, or focus on the legal perspective of it. In either case, be careful to leave out your opinion.

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