10 Outstanding Ideas For Public Economics Research Paper Topics

Research papers on any subject follow basically the same procedure. Once you get the process down, you can do a paper on almost any topic. There are a few basic rules you should follow when you are doing any research paper.

Topic Selection

It is important that you decide what topic you want for your research paper. It should be something that you are interested in or passionate about. If you are having a problem deciding what topic to choose you can try the brainstorming method. Set your alarm for 2 minutes and try to write down as many topics as you can in that amount of time. Hopefully you have at least 5 to choose from. Of the 5 that you have, eliminate a few that may not have enough research available. After that eliminate a few more that you think your audience may not be interested in or maybe it isn’t relevant to the times. Finally, choose which one you want to do the most from the remaining choices. Here are a few ideas for public economics research paper topics:

  1. Should the funding that schools receive be based on standardized student scores?
  2. Should teachers be evaluated and then federal funding be based on the results?
  3. Has desegregation of public schools been harmful or helpful?
  4. What is the real government budget deficit?
  5. How does defense spending affect our economy?
  6. Is the IRS out to get the average citizen?
  7. Should middle class be paying so much income tax?
  8. Should there be government control of prescription medicines?
  9. How can the cost of health insurance bring some people to the poverty level?
  10. How does unemployment insurance affect small companies?

Research effectively

Once you have chosen your topic you need to do effective research of at least three sources. Keep excellent notes and keep them organized. While you are researching you should be thinking of what your topic sentence is going to be. Once you have decided on that, narrow down your research to concentrate on that topic sentence.

Create an outline and write your paper

Now that you have all of your notes and you know what your topic sentence is, you can create your outline. Create your introduction, body and conclusion. Create the order you want your paper to be in by including all of your main points so you don’t forget them. Once your outline is complete, you can create your rough draft using the outline as a map. After editing your paper for grammar and spelling, create your final draft and you are done!

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