A Guide To Selecting Winning Research Paper Topics For College

Looking for college paper topics involves spending time and brainstorming. In high school, you probably were given the subject to write on. Now that you are a college student, many things change. The stakes get higher. Back in high school your research paper was just reporting on facts and the only person who read it was your teacher. Now that you are in college, you have to add something to it. You need to create some kind of emotion or question in the reader. Your research paper will be read by your peers now, not just your professor. Your goal is to spark something in the person who reads your thesis. There are a few things to think about when choosing your topic that will accomplish just that.

  • Write about your passion
  • At this point in your life, you have developed some strong ideas and passions. You know what interests you. You have some idea of what you want to tell the world. Make a list of everything you can think of along this line. Your topic is hiding somewhere on that list. If you pick a topic that you are passionate about, the time spent doing the research will fly, and your emotion will come out in your writings.

  • What excites your peers?
  • There are many issues centered on controversial things in society that would make for an excellent topic. Anything that creates emotion in the reader will peak their interest. Subjects such as child abuse, abortion, terrorism, and bullying tend to incite the reader. Your thesis on these matters will hopefully cause the reader to think.

  • Speak with fellow students
  • Previous students have an idea what makes the professor tick. They can give you some idea of what is expected. They will help you brainstorm for ideas for subject matter of your writing. Your peers will give you excellent advice.

You are not a little kid anymore. It’s time to grow up and make your mark on the world. Choosing to create a masterpiece on something that interests you may lead you down a path of self-discovery. Writing and arguing points that are your passion will make you grow. It may lead you to take action on the topics and could even lead you into a career. Research papers really aren’t just written for a grade anymore.

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