10 Interesting Ideas For A Research Paper In Machine Design

If you are studying mechanics and you have been asked to write an essay on machine design, you could easily find good research paper title suggestions by visiting online and offline resources. While there are plenty of offline resources for you to explore, here are top 10 interesting ideas for writing a research composition on machine design. All of these may or may not pertain to your specific line of study. However, you could easily draw some references from the examples given below to start writing your killer paper in machine or mechanical design.

  1. Abstract machine-based model for computer-based architectural design with effective implementation of logical programs
  2. The role of social choice in mechanical design: The case for auto-controlled tools
  3. Machine designing for precision and half-precision manufacturing
  4. Machine design: Lessons for design and development of automatic machines
  5. Designing a high precision 3D coordinate machine for measurement
  6. A review of Tribology in Machine Design by TA Stolarski
  7. Design and structure of a linear-based switched-reluctance machine
  8. Pulse oximetry: crucial technical aspects of design
  9. Human factors involved in machine design: precise guidelines for design of autonomous systems, equipment, as well as products designed for human use
  10. Mechanical tunnel boring machine design and prediction

Still looking for ideas? Well, you could just visit your college library or your school library to find hundreds of essays on different topics. Alternatively, you could also ask for suggestions and advises from your mentors in college. Chances are there that you will get a handful of suggestions from them. As they specialize in the line of study you are pursuing, they would be able to provide you with better topic suggestions than the above.

There’s an easier way to get machine design paper topic suggestions. Simply find an academic writing and editing service provider, call or mail them or visit their website to download free samples. If you cannot locate free samples, simply get in touch with their customer service representative and ask for samples. If it’s a reputable agency, they would be able to provide you with more than one relevant sample and with hundreds of title ideas.

You can also talk to their subject matter experts to know how to write a paper or a thesis on material design or machine design. However, it is imperative that you do extensive work for finding the best agencies out.

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