Great Topics For Research Papers: 20 Hot Suggestions

If you need to write a research paper then there are plenty of topics that you can base the work on. If you have been given completely free rein of what topic to write about, then this opens up a lot more options for you. However, if you need to concentrate on a specific subject then this will obviously limit the possibilities that you have when it comes to choosing the perfect topic of your liking; nevertheless, there are still plenty of choices available, with the following helping to provide some great suggestions to help get you started.

Choose a topic that you will be able to find verifiable data for

One thing to bear in mind when choosing a topic is, during the research process of your essay, you need to be able to find good accurate information and data. For example, it can be a good idea to choose a topic which is widely covered on the Internet; however, you need to ensure that any websites that you use are as accurate, respected, and verifiable.

For further suggestions and ideas, the following provides a range of 20 different topic ideas that you can use or adapt in the title of your own paper.

  1. How do multicultural societies impact upon education?
  2. Does corporal punishment help to lower crime rates?
  3. The link between unemployment and crime rates
  4. How can failing schools be improved?
  5. Does increasing the number of students going to university have a positive impact on society?
  6. Is organic food healthier than the alternative?
  7. Should more be done to control prescription drugs?
  8. Should taxes be imposed upon fast food to help control obesity?
  9. Has social interaction between young people been harmed by technology?
  10. How prevalent is gender discrimination in the 21st Century?
  11. Are race relations better in areas that are more mixed?
  12. The effects of binge drinking on the body
  13. How clean is renewable energy?
  14. How important is China’s economy for Australia?
  15. Is domestic violence against men going unnoticed in society?
  16. Can people eat healthily whilst relying on welfare payments?
  17. An analysis of adoption rights around the globe
  18. An in depth study into anti-cyber bullying laws
  19. How has cheap air travel affected rail transportation?
  20. Are border control policies relating to immigration cost-effective?

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