Looking For A Good Research Paper Template

A research paper has to be realistic and the facts stated are required to be established by means of logical reasoning, research and examples. There are some specific guidelines to follow not only for the writing format but also for the font and template to be followed.

Guidelines for a suitable template

Primarily there are 4 kinds of templates or format in which you can write your thesis- the MLA format, the APA format, the CBE format and the Chicago format. Each of these has some common traits like they should begin with headers, should have identical fonts and margins and a bibliography page. All these templates have a common letter size of 10 and the font they follow is the New Courier Font.

If by instruction you have to choose a size other than the 10 character per inch or a font like Times New Roman it is to be observed that the features of the template chosen are not properly exhibited. The line spacing is also predefined in case of a particular template and it over rides the default word processor spacing so that you can get a perfect and consistent double spacing of 1/3 inch. A typical APA format should have the following format

  • The title page should begin with a running head followed by colon and a short title and this title is to be mentioned on each page of the assignment.
  • Then the elaborate title followed by your name and name of the institute are to be written.
  • The abstract part is to be focused giving a summarization of your entire project.
  • Then there is the main body of the paper followed by the reference page.
  • All these pages are to be numbered from the very beginning and the line spacing and word font chosen should be kept constant throughout which can be done by selecting and setting a suitable template at the very beginning.

Tips to make the research paper successful

There are some specific techniques applying which you can expect your thesis to be a successful and error free one.

  • The start or the thesis statement should be simple so that people can get a primary idea of your project.

  • You should be clear about the objectives of your project as it is going to grab the attention and the interest of your readers into the paper, provided they can relate to the need or utility of your project work.

  • You need to be flexible as and when required to increase or reevaluate the practical approach of your paper.
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