In Search Of Free Samples Of Term Paper Introductions: 5 Helpful Hints

So, it is time to write that dreaded term paper. Whether you are excited about it or would rather run up and down the street naked than be subjected to it, the fact remains that it needs to be done. You probably already have a very clear idea in your mind about the topic that you are going to choose. You probably also know how you would like the term paper to pan out. The problem that a lot of students struggle to overcome initially is how to write a killer introduction.

Your term paper will sink or swim on the strength of this introduction and it is critical that you get it right. Thankfully, I have put together 5 helpful hints to help you find free samples of term paper introduction.

Your tutor

I don’t know what it is with students and their tutors. However, many students are reluctant to go to the most obvious source of help. Your tutor should have already given you access to examples. However, if they haven’t then don’t be shy. Ask!

Google Scholar

This is an incredible resource and should not be overlooked. It is also incredibly easy to access and is indexed in a manner that makes at very least checking it out a no-brainer. Whatever your personal thoughts about Google, I would suggest that you don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!

Friends/Former Students

You could always ask your friends, especially if one of them happens to be nerdy. They are guaranteed to be ahead of the game and already have a killer introduction in the bag. You will just need to exercise a degree of caution by ensuring that you don’t turn in identical, or even similar introductions as it will be clear that you have been collaborating. Hopefully by simply reading through someone else’s intro you will get that spark that you need to start working on your own original piece.

Message boards and forums

Message boards and forums whether they are specifically set up within your college, or are part of the wider online community are a brilliant way of sharing information and resources with each. They can feel like a lifesaver and it is always good to be part of a wider collective.


Textbooks might be seen by many as belonging to the age of the dinosaurs but in Academia they are incredibly relevant and you would be foolish to ignore them. Especially when you have probably been compelled to buy them in the first place! Okay, so you are not going to use everything in there but I am pretty sure that you will find the examples that you are looking for. You can use this a starting point even if you decide to explore other options later.

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