List Of Unique Research Paper Topics On European History

The historical backdrop of Europe covers the people groups occupying the European mainland from ancient times to the present. A portion of the best-known developments of ancient Europe were the Minoan and the Mycenaean, which prospered amid the Bronze Age until they have fallen in a brief timeframe around 1200 BC. To learn more about this continent and how it came to be, here is a list of unique research paper topics on European history:

  1. An investigation or study on the fall of the Western Roman Empire
  2. A preview on the lives of people during The Renaissance Period
  3. The turmoil and conflict during the Late Antiquity
  4. The quest for new kingdoms and territories by The Barbarian Invaders
  5. The conquest of the Islamic State of North Africa and the Middle East
  6. The changes in society and political structures in The Middle Ages
  7. The influence of the prowess and the power of the Byzantine Empire
  8. The principles and doctrines of the Pagan World
  9. A research on the influence of Christianity in Europe
  10. The socio-political changes on the conquest of The Vikings, Hungarians and The Saracens all over Europe
  11. The effects on Europe’s population with the coming of all kinds of races from different regions and territories
  12. How technology and agricultural innovations changed the face of Europe during the Medieval Warm Period
  13. The effects of Feudalism on the lives of farmers and peasants
  14. The political structure brought about by knights and nobles during The High Middle Ages
  15. The religious influence of the Crusades and its effects on the spiritual life of Western European Christians
  16. The establishment of monarchy as form of government in most parts of Europe
  17. The reduction of crime and violence brought about by the power of Kings and its neighboring kingdoms
  18. The effect of scholasticism on the intellectual aspect of the citizenry and the establishment of schools and universities
  19. The outstanding achievements of Europe during the Late Middle Ages
  20. The effects of famine, plague and war on the general population of the European continent
  21. An in-depth study on how the Black Death caused the demise of one-third of Europe’s population
  22. The causes of revolt and civil disobedience that occurred in some European empires and kingdoms.
  23. The social regard for women during the Middle Ages
  24. The power of men as protectors and destroyers during the Hundred Years War
  25. The influence of European art and literature in the Twentieth Century

This is just a short list of ideas on how you will be able to conduct a research study on the European history. There are a lot of things that are not mentioned here, but these topics are carefully chosen according to the timeline of events.

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