What Every Student Ought To Know About The Discussion In A Research Paper

Writing a research paper is undoubtedly a defining moment in your academic career. Once complete you should experience a moment of pride that is almost on a par with; note I said almost giving birth to your first child. As with everything academic there is a stringent formula that you need to follow in order to be successful with the discussion part topping the bill in terms of its importance. So, while just falling short on your introduction or turning out a sloppy conclusion will lose you points getting the discussion part wrong could see you flunk.

Being a student is difficult at the best of times. Learning how to use the system to your advantage is key to survival. Throughout the course of this article I am going to explain what every student ought to know about the discussion in a research paper:

  • It’s not a normal discussion
  • If you were having a conversation, or a discussion with a friend then you would expect it to be a two-way thing with both presenting their opinions on a certain manner equally and fairly. A research discussion is different. Here you are expected to choose one side of the argument and spell it out succinctly, leaving no room for ambiguity or argument.

  • It has to be watertight
  • There are no margins of error here. You have to nail your argument and it has to be watertight. You will be marked down severely if there are any holes to be found.

  • You don’t have to believe in your argument
  • If you are a rookie then it will help if you believe your argument as having that inside knowledge will make it easier. However, the more research papers that you write then the more confident that you will become in your abilities which in turn should lead to you being able to successfully argue a viewpoint that is contradictory to your personal beliefs.

  • It is the heart and soul of your paper
  • As I have already alluded to, the rest of your paper is merely salad dressing. It is the research part of your paper on which your reputation will either be made or squandered. Don’t waste your golden moment in the sunshine.

  • It should resonate
  • Your core research should be one-hundred percent authentic and should resonate with your readership. If you lose your reader during this vital element then you have lost.

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