Creating A Research Paper Introduction: Guidelines And Examples

A research paper is also known as an academic paper or a scholarly paper. It is written by the research scholars and it gets published in academic journals. The author’s exploration of the chosen topic and his findings, all together brings out in one paper. It is the most challenging part. It may contain some reviews on some existing results or a completely new invention.

So when you are writing your thesis paper, then you have to begin your writing with an interesting and attractive introduction. Opting for an agreeable introduction is the best option to have, to present your thesis. It will attract many readers to read your paper. So it is very important to establish an indication towards your whole analyzing work in the introduction.

Here are some guidelines for writing an introduction:

  • Try to begin your introduction with some sentences which reveals the idea of your paper. It will make the reader eager to read the whole document. For example, for a science based paper, the beginning should have some discussions about the main subject that you have opted for. Originating the discourse of the background of your subject, will do good in the paper based on the Humanities.
  • Put the hypothesis in the final sentence of the first paragraph. The purpose of your paper can be pointed out here, because introductions may contain several paragraphs, so it will be better to clarify the objective of your work. So that the reader never gets any confusion about the topic. After the establishment of the idea, you can mention the main purpose.
  • Further, in the introduction, familiarize your readers with the significant points of your thesis, purpose and the outcome. This will mark the level of expectation of the reader. Like, in your paper, reveal a few points of the outcome of your objective throughout the introduction to increase the level of curiosity.
  • Include some comparisons of some events or ideas connecting with your topic. This will make your reader more convinced about your ideas. Like in a scientific paper, try to include some other inventions or researches alike your topic. If you add some historical views or ideas in a Humanities paper, then it will persuade the minds of the readers.
  • The beginning and the ending point of your introduction should possess a free-flowing transformation.

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