How To Select Interesting Term Paper Topic In Economics

Before getting started, do you know what a term paper is? The answer might be yes or no. In either case, do you know what the difference between a term paper and a research paper is? Then why Economics, what can it give you in your life? Just think about these before you get started.

A term paper is the same as a research paper. In both cases, the student puts in all his/her efforts, and knowledge and also gains insights into many new things to formulate something new. But, the only difference is that people call it a term paper when it is done at the school level, and when the same is done at a higher level of education, they call it a research paper.

Though it might not be that much fun for many, writing a paper in economics according to some people would be great. In fact, I believe that learning Economics is like learning a life skill. That is because in life some way or the other you would be related to and affected by economics. Say, for example, how many of you are into stock market trading and how many of you would enter it in the days to come? I am sure many would get into it at some point, and when you do so, you will have to keep a track on the economic situation of your country. Do you know what a BOP, BOT, REPO rate, Reverse REPO rate, GDP, GNP, Excise tax, Inflation, Deflation, Money Market, Normative Economics, CSLR ratio, etc. are? These are the important terms in economics that you need to know and if you don’t know them, take time, even if you don’t master them, it would be more than enough for you to get to know the basics at least. This will be of great help in your life.

Now coming to the writing part, the first and foremost important step towards starting your work is to identify the suitable topic.

  • You can get an idea for the topic from what you have studied throughout your course, in day-to-day life throughout your study period.
  • You might have come across many things during your course. Sometimes, something would have made you feel like, why is this thing this way and why not the other way round. Such thoughts will provoke your thinking, and you may end up identifying some great topics for your paper.
  • If nothing works, the simplest way is to consult your mentor.

By doing so, you can narrow down your search for a suitable topic.

Always remember, when you select a topic for writing your term paper, always remember that you need to select a topic that is related to what you had been studying or that you are familiar with. Of course, you can select any other topic as well, but then, if you are not much aware of that topic, you will have to put in more effort to learn about it resulting in elongation in the completion of the your paper.

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