What To Know About Chicago Style Research Paper Layout

Academic papers ought to meet some standards when it comes to layout and design and so with regard to the type of writing your institution pursues or recommends it is always important to make sure you do the right thing when it comes to formatting your research paper. Well, Chicago writing styles is one of widely used in many institutions across the world and if your University advises this style, taking into account its prospects is something you cannot afford to ignore. In this regard, it is imperative to take a closer look at such aspects as cover page design, bibliographic information layout, over pages, font styles, endnotes or footnotes, names and pagination and how to assemble the paper before submission. Based on this skeleton information, this article takes a look at some issue of critical importance that as a student you ought to know and adhere to.

  • Cover page design and layout
  • There is no much difference here with regard to other academic research paper. However for purposes of understanding and knowledge, the cover page of Chicago paper ought to be written using font 12 Time New Roman. The title should always come first followed by the author’s name directly under it. Avoid decorations using bolds and underlines.

  • Paper assembly
  • This is instrumentally the general appearance of the paper and it should take care of the following in order in which they are mentioned: Title or cover page, body of the term paper, appendix, notes and bibliography. Make sure contents that make up these sections are well placed and also formatted for a good appeal before you can present your study paper for marking.

  • The use of names
  • When doing your study writing and that point comes when you are supposed to mention names, the rule of the thumb is that you mention the names of people and those of agencies in full. It is however advised that you start with the first name and use acronyms if need be later. All numbers must be less than 100 according to writing rules of engagement.

  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • In Chicago writing style, these are integral part of the paper which must always appear at the bottom of pages to do some referencing roles. When it comes to crafting a bibliography, it should have its own page and bibliography writing rules for Chicago paper followed to the letter.

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