What Are The Basic Sections Of An Academic Research Paper

When students get to college, they have to know how to write an academic research paper. Usually, when they write them in high school, students are guided through the process. They do not learn to do it on their own. This leaves them looking for help when they have to write one without the guidance of a teacher. Students often turn to (this online resource) for help learning about the basic sections of a research paper.

  • Know the Required Style
  • The basic sections will be determined by the style that is required. Usually the style is dictated by the curricular area of the course. For example, a literature course will use the Modern Language Association (MLA) style. Courses in history and psychology will use the American Psychological Association (APA) style. But, most papers will need to have a title page, a body, a bibliography or works cited section, and an appendix. No matter what style you have to use, it is important that you pay close attention to the names of the sections and the placement of them.

  • Understand Methodology and Literature Review
  • There are a few other basic sections that you might encounter. You might have to include a section about methodology. In this section, you need to write about the methods you used to conduct research. This section is usually required in a science course. You also might need to include a section about the literature you reviewed. This section is called “literature review.”

  • The Abstract Can Be Challenging
  • Many styles also require an abstract, which is a quick summary of the paper itself. This summary does have requirements, too. In fact, you should be able to find a template that will help you write each sentence for the abstract. Even though this section is short, it can be a real challenge for students of any academic level, because the word count is limited, but the information needs to be dense.

  • Write a Purposeful Conclusion
  • Another important section that many papers require is the conclusion. Students entering college usually have had little instruction in writing a conclusion for an essay, so they are missing the skills for a research project. This section also needs to have specific content and students can usually find it on writing websites or in their style manuals. Most importantly, this section requires students to write about their findings and how they relate to the world. The section could be one or two paragraphs or just a few short sentences.

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