7 Basic Tips For Writing A Research Paper About Lowering Drinking Age

Lowering the drinking age is a very popular topic to cover for research papers and if you are going to tackle this topic, you have to make sure that you choose the right argument and have the information to back up the information. That means getting concrete information that will show that it is the right or wrong thing to do.

7 Basic Tips

  • First, you want to choose a side, are you against lowering the drinking age.
  • Then you want to find all of the information or research that has been done on the subject.
  • It is good to look at other countries to show what happens when the drinking age is lowered since most countries have it lowered to 18 and in some 16.
  • Keep your opinion out of the paper. You are doing research so everything included needs to be based on fact.
  • Look at what would happen to sales and regulations in different states or the United States if it would be lowered. Look at the big picture.
  • Pick information from credible sources, so no Wikipedia, blogs, or forums. There are studies and all kind of information out there on the subject.
  • Read other examples of what others have written on the subject. This can tell you if you are going in the right direction or it can give you more information that you might not have found to use in your paper.

How to Write Your Paper

  • Collect all of the information first before you start writing so you have enough information, in fact, do more that you need so you have options.
  • Make an outline, so you can figure out what information that you are going to use to write your paper.
  • Write you paper, just get in on paper and you can look at it later when you edit it.
  • Edit your work, look for holes in your information, spelling, grammar, and so on.
  • Write the final draft and do one final read through and edit.

This topic is a little controversial to cover because everyone has his or her opinion but you don’t want to include that in your paper. Use facts to show if it is a good or bad idea to lower the drinking age, you can give your opinion on what is the best age to lower it to but make sure you have data to show why you came to that conclusion.

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