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Creative Ideas For A College Research Paper On Technology In Nursing

If you are a student of nursing and hospital management, writing an essay on nursing can become a cumbersome job at times. This is because good topics do not just float around for you to pick. If you think picking up the right topic for writing a college research paper on technology in nursing is a challenge, here are some suggestions that might help you in securing high scores in your exam.

  • How do the post-surgery interventions affect or improve the recovery process of a patient?
  • The correct way of treating and taking care of some patient who has been diagnosed with first-stage dementia
  • The role of family members in looking after and taking proper care of someone who is under palliative care
  • Telling the truth to patients diagnosed with terminal diseases: ethics and precautions
  • Supporting parents in neo-natal and post-natal care units
  • Legalization of euthanasia: Challenges and benefits
  • Ending the life of a patient who is struggling with an incurable disease: legalities and ethics
  • The role of nurses in convincing bereaved relatives of a deceased person to donate the organs
  • The role of midwifes in supporting both patients and doctors
  • How to run a trauma unit in a cost-effective and efficient manner?
  • Should patient’s affordability be taken into account while he is in a life-or-death situation?
  • How to convince pharmaceutical companies to give priority to patient needs and not to their profits?
  • In what ways general physicians can support nurses and midwifes?
  • Is it alright to allow nurses to prescribe antibiotic medicines without taking the consent of a licensed physician?
  • The role of government policies in recruitment and retaining nurses
  • The role of nurses in persuading patients suffering from dementia to have foods and beverages
  • The impacts of extreme weather on the general course working of the nurses working in community hospitals
  • Should overweight nurses be warned and forced to control diet just because their appearance sets a bad example for warders?
  • Nurses’ right to say ‘no’ to abusive and misbehaving patients: legalities and ethics
  • How can nurses and care workers work more efficiently together?
  • The value of having a smiling face in a hospital environment
  • Should nursing staff refrain from getting into intimate relationships with each other?
  • Is on-site training a necessity for nursing service betterment?

If you are still struggling to find the best topic for a college research paper on technology in nursing, you can get in touch with your mentor to get more ideas.